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Ink Cartridges

Food Printer- Print Edible Images and Pictures like a Pro


Food printers at this moment are quite demanding on the market and anyone can buy them online. They are available in wide ranges of models and are perfect to decorate your birthday or wedding cakes and cupcakes.  With a good food printer by your side you can print professional photos right at home.

It is true that before food creates magic in your mouth, the excitement starts from the eyes. In short, if something is a treat to eyes, it will automatically taste good. Birthdays are fun moment and no matter what the age of the person is, everyone wants a little decoration on his or her birthday cake. There are varieties of birthday cake themes based on personal choice, which you can avail from professionals or easily print them at home.

Photo printed on cake is the trendiest thing of the time. With photos printed on your birthday cake you can awe the guests in a lovely way. The photos printed from food printer are hundred percent edible. Having a good photo printer you can print high-resolution images on the frosted sheets of icing with edible inks. This you can do it yourself at home, as there are printer companies that come up with kits equipped with cake designing software. If you are not confident of doing of your own, you can take professional help from experts who print flawless photos on cakes. A quick online search will direct you to websites, who will help you with this.

How to Create Edible Images on Cakes for Centerpiece?


Edible centerpieces are extremely attractive and there is no second alternative to that once decided. You can centerpiece cakes in a variety of style but if you want to keep it unique and still keep it chic, edible images on cakes are what you will appreciate. You can make centerpieces out of anything; fruit, vegetables, gourmet cheeses, desserts and etc.

We Highly Recommend To Add Fruits Like:

  • Pineapple,
  • Red grapes,
  • Strawberries,
  • Cantaloupe,
  • Honeydew,
  • Watermelon,
  • Kiwi,
  • Chocolate for dipping,
  • Fresh kale or Romaine lettuce


Bamboo skewers, Melon baller, Crinkle potato cutter, Star, flower and heart shaped metal cookie cutters, White basket, short vase, bowl or empty melon shell for display and foam filler.


  1. First prepare the basic cake
  2. Start by selecting a base for your arrangement and search through the different foam fillers for the base of your arrangement available at your local craft stores. They are usually semi hard and made of green foam. Flower shapes are best for pineapple since you can leave the core in and skewer it through the middle then slide a melon ball, strawberry or grape over the center to cover the core.
  3. Slice the fruits as per you want them to be designed and you can also create slices with your crinkle cutter or use the melon baller. Slide the “crinkly” melon slices onto skewers and set aside. Reserve some of the melon balls for finishing your bouquet.
  4. Now you can start arranging the skewered fruits into a bouquet and alternating colors and textures. Edible cartridges are made from specially formulated edible ink, you can simply follow the instruction to make edible images on cakes written in the packet of the cartridge.

Using Edible Inkjet Ink is the best idea to play with designs and be creative with your images as you print them.

Is It Tough To Create Photos On Cakes?


photos on cakesWhen there is some huge announcement to make or you really want to surprise the person what do you do? You organize a party right! You arrange a party with all your close friends with drinks, cake, food and some amazing decorative. A small gathering can come alive with a few things done right which is fabulous food and great décor. Also, one of the crucial things for any person is an effortless cake.

It’s something that’s been in the back of my mind for years now but it still affects the same way. If you are trying to make the cake all by yourself, you must know how to make one. First learn how to make a cake and then how to design the photos on cakes. You can learn from an online class all about cake photography and how to snap those pretty cake pictures for yourself.

It is beautiful on how you can completely change the vision of a cake by perfection. You should only aim for perfection as it can make or break the day. It has the power to appeal to the mass and if you find a photo which can be printed with the use of edible inks, you can surely do that. Edible printer has been such a innovative innovation and a lifesaver for those who enjoy incorporating personal stuff on gifts and cakes.

These days photos on cakes has become quite popular but do you know it is very easy to make as well. If you know how to make a cake already, the only thing you have to do is read the instructions of edible printing process. In order to become a mainstream way to produce meals, you need to search for a smart way to produce more creative meals. It is the true form of yummy art and makes a great tool for fun and creativity.

Where to Use Edible Letters & Photo Images?


edible photo images1Clearly is you are not aware of the amazing technology called Edible Printer, you are living under rocks. These are the new-age printers which can offer you readily designed and edible print in food items. We know, you are fond of baking, and you often try your hands at it. Do you know about edibles letters that are being used very popularly by professional and individual bakers?

Edible Images & Letters

Edible letters and edible photo images are eatable alphabetical characters made using the edible printer, which can be fixed on cakes and other bakery items. You can use these letters when you have to write a message on your cake, pastry or any other baked stuff. Not only on baked up things, you can also paste it on any other food item. There are available fonts of various shapes, colors, and sizes, which you can use according to the color and theme of the cake. These fonts are available at the website. However, you can prepare it on your own, by printing your favorite style of fonts on edible papers.

Where to use Edible Letters

You can use these fonts at a number of occasions. What you need to do is to use your creativity. Following are a few stuffs where you can apply these fonts:

Cakes – if you’re preparing a cake, and you want to write a message on it, you can use these fonts.

Pastries – Even on the soggy surface of the pastries, you can glue these alphabets.

Toast – To give an interesting turn to your kid’s breakfast, you can put a message on the toasts.

Edible inks are flavourless initially so, it will not impair the taste of your food when you add this edible photo images. Edible Ink is actually edible as it consists of different edible food colors and edible ink with a sprint of corn starch is what you need.

Different Styles and Experiments with Printing on Cakes


printing on cakesFirst of all, all that you read about edible images, these are not the actual cake but just a sheet spread above the cake’s base. Also, every time you make an edible image, you will get new creative uses for edible images. So, try out printing on cakes and even if you mess up a bit, it will not ruin your cake but practicing will sure lead you to perfection.

Creative Uses For Edible Images:

  • First draw out or print the outline onto frosting sheets and apply it to a frosted cake. Fill in the design with buttercream. Now where the frosting sheet dissolves and you will understand where you used an outline.
  • You can use the frosting sheets to make activity cakes such as a maze, dot-to-dot or color by number or any other patterns to keep the people engaged. These are great for kids party but teenagers are also quite interested to enjoy finishing these fun cakes with tubes of colored frosting.
  • Print your edible image into the design or shape you want as frosting sheets make cut-out cakes quick and easy. Now, you will have to remove the edible image from the plastic backing. You should be careful while placing the edible image in a zip-loc bag until ready to use. Using the plastic backing attach it to a sheet cake using toothpicks and cut around the template with a sharp knife.
  • 3D cakes are another fun experiment but with these you have to be a little careful, You can make buildings and houses, parks and what not using a dart board by covering the tops and sides of a cake with edible images.

Experiment with your edible images and try out the various new things you can create. IT is fun to experiment where you understand your creative space. Try printing on cakes using gelatin, pies, cheesecakes, cookies, gingerbread houses or hard candy. You are only limited by your imagination, so, create whatever you want.

How to Avoid Clogging Of Edible Printer Images?


print edible images.2

Edible Inks helps us to be creative, to keep our lives as much as we combine food and art at once. It helps us to stay connected with some amazing skills to present our dear and loved ones. Buy Edible Pens and celebrate your life with goodness every day.

If your printer is not yielding hues accurately or if it is causing some other issues related to the printing, your nozzle test is a must. In case, the nozzle test is not demonstrating all the cartridge hues obviously, then you will more than likely need to clean your print head. The edible ink contains of fixings that can crystallize when temperatures either get excessively cool. Let’s find out about the problems related to clogging with edible printer and print edible images:

Why does it happen?

  • Print heads of any printer, whether it is regular or edible can clog for various reasons like non-utilization of a printer and especially when you have edible cartridges installed. Edible printers are used to print edible images for cakes and when it is not used for a while, it can bring about the water from the ink beads. This aggregate at the heads to vanish, deserting crystalline stores and causes to stop up the print heads.
  • Edible ink cartridges are produced using different natural ingredients, the edible ink is incorporated with sugar which can solidify if kept under 18 degrees Celsius. This also causes if the printer or cartridges are kept in a region where it is very cool and also not used for a long time.

Solution to the Clogging Problem of Edible Print:

To unclog your printhead, you can install a set of cleaning cartridges. Then you will have to run an internal printer feature called “cleaning and deep cleaning”. The process of cleaning: Go to Printer Properties > Maintenance > Cleaning. It will get you the seamless printing results for print edible images.

How to Bake a Cake with Edible Photo?


edible photo 2You might have seen various printed cakes and bakeries in your social media account and you are very much interested in making one by yourself. We will help you in the process! While making an edible printed cake, you need everything you need to prepare a cake, icing sheet and edible ink cartridges. These printer inks are essentially specially engineered food coloring that is designed to be used in a printer without gumming it up.

You might be wondering how we can put a picture on a cake and the answer is, you just have to put the whole cake through the printer. You can have your picture printed in the cake or a graphic image printed on a cake. It is great item for an awesome birthday party or for an anniversary. Once you have used the edible inks to print the image onto the edible paper, you simply place it onto your cake (or cupcake or cookie) and you have an edible image!

Creating the edible photo images are all done with edible paper and edible ink with an inkjet printer. The paper is called a ‘frosting sheet’ or ‘icing sheet’ which should be used for the edible photo. It is an actual thin layer of icing that is backed by plastic. The inks used to print the image in frosting sheet are also edible. This sheet simply slides through a printer like a normal piece of paper and once you take the plastic backing off, it adheres to icing on the cake.

When you receive your edible icing sheet you will also receive instructions on how to apply the sheet to the cake. Edible photo images are not only innovative but it is a great way to express your love and affection creatively. With the quality of ink refills continually improving the consumers, the refills are experiencing great demand for this product.

How to Use Edible Images on Cakes?


print edible imagesEdible images have become very popular on cakes and the reason behind that is quite simple though. People love to enjoy their old memories over and over, no matter what went on to the relationship but it is wonderful to recall good old times. There have been cases where very weak relationships can simply bond over some good memories, memories simply have the healing power.

The response for print edible images has been going strong and the collections of pictures you will find out is another amazing factor to look forward to. For example, a texture collection is very necessary aspect to give your cake the finest detailing. Let’s now find out what is the method of using edible images on cake:

First find the image and cut it as per the size you need it and keep it aside. Outline and fill the cake with icing/frosting.  Now, while the icing is still wet, remove the backing of the frosting sheet, gently place the image on the cake.  Finally check the detailing of the edges and corners down.


Prepare the images as per the size needed and set aside. Check the consistency of the icing into thin piping until it is loosened, use water to loosen the consistency.  It should not be too loose to spread out all over. Now, remove the backing of the image and gently cover the back with the loosened icing.  Then put into the edible image into the cake and you will be done.

A few tips to go along with the edible printing cake are that hot hands can tear off the images. If you have a warm hand, you must wash your hands in really cold water and dry thoroughly. If you want to start a bakery business, there is a lot of buzz around cakes with print edible images in town. A piped or sprinkled edge will always look good on the cake but make sure to color co-ordinate.

Edible Photo Images for Every Occasion: Express Your Love


edible photo imagesIt is hard sometimes to find the right theme or photograph for the appropriate event. Now, with edible photo images, you will face no such problems. Icing Images includes pictures of celebrities, cartoons, copyrighted photos, professional photographer pictures, or any picture you want to be printed. To get an appropriate image to choose on a particular theme of cake, you can even take help you’re your friend on the suggestions of edible photo/image ideas for cake and pastry decoration.

Occasions You Can Use It In:

Birthday Cake: If you are throwing a surprise birthday party for your mom or dad, it is difficult to find a usual cake and still express all the emotions you want to. In such cases, you will surely want to prepare an interesting cake for the birthday party. A customized cake will always beautify the emotion and portray your intention at the best way possible. With an edible image, you can pick a photograph or more, make a collage out of it and then print the photo collage on the cake of his/her birthday party.

Marriage Anniversary: Another moment when you are over-joyed and humbled with emotions. You really feel lucky sometimes to have such a strong support by your side. Thus, to show your love and respect to your partner, choose the unique way and create this beautiful cake. Design the cake with beautiful and gorgeous photos of your loved moments, it will mean the world to him/her.

Farewell: This is both a sad and happy moment where your colleague leaves your work premises and starts a new life. So, to both cherish the memories you have spent and wish him/her best of luck for the next venture, it is a great idea to have a cake with edible photo images. You can print an image, which portrays some happy memorable moment of your work experience, parties and some fun moments at the work space.

Now, you will never feel misplaced for any gift. You will rather be glad of the cake you have chosen.

What Magic Can Ink Edible Cartridges Bring?


When we live in a community like ‘humanity’ we make friends, family and surround ourselves with people we love and admire. Thus, we also make friendly appearances in their lives time to time and to make those moments sparkle, we create more precious moments like that. Edible Inks helps in creating sweet gestures and keep us connected and show our love for one another with some amazing skills.

Edible Ink Cartridge

When you see a sweet and special cake in any birthday bash or any other special occasion decorated with flowers and other things and name printed on them, they automatically draw your attention and persuade you to know about it. People often look for the right answer how to flaunt the design of a special cake, pastry, goodies or any other confectionery item.

The same concern can be seen in cake and pastry stores or in confectionery stores that are making cakes and decorating them in different ways. When it comes to decorating cakes or imprinting confectionery items, requirement of edible inkjet comes on the top. Edible inkjet is the main thing that can be fitted in any printer to print on the edible paper.

As one of the well known edible cartridge supplier, we work on the edible inkjet technology to create impressive designs and images on cakes and other eatable items. The edible frosting ink is the main thing in inkjet that helps in making your work easy and hassle-free. These types of ink and inkjet cartridges are filled with the special ink; while they are kept away from the use of regular inks.
We are glad to announce that we have been able to retain our leading position even in the today’s stiff competition in the printing business. Over the years, we have upped our game by always keeping our team in sync with the latest developments, gaining expertise in our niche and keeping ahead by using state of the online world.