Modern Techniques of Decorating Cake

Cake decorating isn’t as complicated as it used to be. Different types of cake decoration sets are now made available so people could make intricate cake designs using modern techniques. Instead of the classic tube and icing cake decoration sets, newer methods of cake decorating involve the use of edible inks and edible paper.

Ever since edible inks were popularized, the hassle of creating attractive sweets has been reduced. Here’s how you can transform your treats using edible ink to wow your friends and family:

  • Getting Started

To start printing using edible ink, you must have a printer. Regular printers will do, but it is best if you have a printer that is solely meant for food printing. You also need to buy edible paper and ink cartridges. Edible inks are made with food coloring that work similar to standard printer inks, so the results will most likely be similar to using standard ink and paper. You should also get a non-toxic cleaner so your printer stays in good condition.

  • Design

Once you have all your materials, you can start designing using any software or application. Make your own images, use old photographs, or download images online.

  • Stencils

One of the perks of using your computer for cake decorating is that you can easily make your own edible stencils. All you have to do is create a template, print it, and place it on your cake. You can use different types of icing or frosting to fill the stencil designs.

  • Edible Ink Pens

For more detailed designs, edible ink pens are modern tools that can do the job. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, depending on how you plan to use them. You can also use the pens to make edible gift cards.