Unique Wedding Cakes for Millennial Couples

Aside from the bride’s gown (and yes, the ceremony, maybe), wedding cakes are probably the most anticipated part in every wedding. Wedding cakes are not just any other cakes that we eat or bake on any occasion. For most of us, we could only have one wedding cake in our entire lifetime (unless, of course, you came as a guest or you don’t plan on keeping your vows).

Wedding cakes symbolize fertility and prosperity in marriage. Whether you are the bride or the pastry chef, you would agree that wedding cakes should reflect the unique story behind the most coveted “I do’s.”

Here are three unique cake decorations that you might consider during the wedding planning stage:

Tiered Assorted Wedding Pies

Traditional wedding cakes have become less popular with contemporary couples looking for uniquely-designed cakes in assorted flavors. These tiered wedding pies can come in varying tastes, such as chocolate fudge pecan, lemon meringue, and seasoned fruit. Not only can each pie be decorated uniquely from each other, your guests could also taste the different flavors of your love story.

Hexagon Cakes

Hexagon-shaped cakes covered in clean and simple frosting will give your wedding a sleek yet artistic impression, while also showing multiple interesting angles of your life as a couple. There are a number of cake decoration sets available to help build such uniquely-designed cake.

Wicked Halloween Wedding Cake

If you’re love story is filled with mysteries and hauntingly giddy encounters, you may want to try a dark mysterious cake covered in black fondant icing. Don’t worry — there will be no monster decorations on it (though you may add them if you prefer). You may draw cracked marble patterns on the fondant layer and add a cascade of sparkling gum paste flowers.

If you’re the pastry chef, you need not worry about finding the right cake decoration sets to create your customer’s dream cakes. Cake stands, icing pipes, and icing cutters in all shapes and sizes are readily available in the market. All you need is an imaginative mind and a crazy idea.