Can You Use Regular Printer for Edible Printing?

There has been a debate on whether a regular, non-toxic ink in a normal inkjet printer may be used for edible printing or a special printer for edible ink is a must to use. Some say that once you have already started using the regular ink in the printer, it is not safe anymore to be used for edible printing. Others say that you can switch inks, from regular to edible and vice versa if the printer head is cleaned well.

According to Canon, one of the companies that manufacture printers and inks, regular inks cannot be used as a substitute for edible ink and is not safe for consumption. Moreover, they do not recommend the use of a regular printer in lieu of a printer for edible ink because regular printers are not designed for use with icing paper nor with edible inks. The use of edible ink with regular printers may also clog the printer’s system or impair the printer’s components. If the printer malfunctions under these circumstances, the printer company can decline to repair the printer or replace its parts, even if the unit is still under warranty.

If the use of edible ink with a regular printer is really considered, the user should be extremely careful to prevent cross-contamination of regular inks with edible ones. Also, the user should also carefully handle the icing paper to avoid its contact with the regular printer’s components that may contain substances or particles that can be transferred to the icing sheet. Nevertheless, whatever printer is used, be it a regular one or a printer for regular ink, extreme caution should be practiced to ensure the safety of the consumers.