7 Easy Steps for DIY White Gourmet Marker

Food coloring markers have become a trend in the baking and cooking industry. They are used in decorating some of our favorite snacks such as cookies, marshmallows, and other mouthwatering treats. These edible markers are perfect in drawing on food as they give an even and clean streak to our intended designs.

However, despite manufacturers producing sets of edible markers in multi color palettes, there is still a lack of white food marker available in the market. Fortunately, there’s a simple way for pastry enthusiasts to navigate through this delectable dilemma.

Making white edible food marker is easier than you think.

  1.    First, secure an empty food marker that you no longer need.
  2.   Remove the back plug of the marker and take the core foam out of the body. (You may use pliers or tweezers or anything that would work best.)
  3.  Clean the foam under running water until all the remaining ink is squeezed out or until it becomes white. (Dark-colored edible markers like red or black are harder to clean. It is advisable to use bright-colored markers such as yellow.)
  4.  Clean the marker barrel under running water until its tip becomes completely white.
  5.  Soak the foam in white food coloring. Soaking the foam to its core in white food coloring may take up to at least 8 hours.
  6.   Place the foam back into the food marker and also the back plug. Shake the marker a few times with the tip facing downward.
  7.  Store the white food marker upside down with the tip is facing downwards.

Note that excess white ink may build up on the tip. Make sure to wipe off this excess ink before using it on your pastries to avoid smudges.

Now you can finally make chewy chalkboard cookies and decorate it to your heart’s content.