Baking Techniques & Tips for Using Edible Markers

Edible markers are great tools for decorating marshmallows, cakes, cookies, and other treats. There are different types of edible markers that you can use to create pictures and detailed designs on royal icings, sugar sheets, rice paper, and fondant. Here are some tips on how to use edible markers.

  • Allow your surface to dry before using the edible markers in order to prevent a situation where the ink blotches. When the surface is dry, you will attain the best results. For flooded royal icing, let it dry overnight.
  • If you want to decorate a waxy chocolate, soft icing or candy melts, it is important to know which edible markers will give the best results. Some markers may not produce color or draw smoothly on such products.
  • In some instance, you may try to draw or decorate some food, and instead of getting an even color, you get streaks. In such a situation, you need to change the food coloring and pick one that matches the color of your edible marker.
  • Do not layer colors unless you are creating an effect. Usually, some edible markersmay not layer well when the bottom layer shows through. Therefore, if you want to produce a certain color by layering, you need to purchase that color. You can also outline with black since it covers other colors.
  • When switching colors, it is a good idea to allow the first color to set for about ten minutes. This way, you won’t pick another color with your marker and you will prevent unattractive bleeding.