Drawing on a Cake with your Edible Markers

Creating detailed designs for your cakes, cookies, and cupcakes is easier with the use of edible markers. They come in assorted colors and are available in different brands. They are versatile to use as they work well with fondants, icings, sugar sheets, rice paper, marshmallows, and gum paste. Edible markers are kid-friendly, and you can use them to showcase your artistic skills.

Here are some guidelines on how to use the markers.

  1.   It is important to let your surface dry before using the markers on it. If you’re using a fondant for your cake, let it stiffen for like an hour or two before writing on it. Using the markers without drying the surface may result in color splotches on your cake.
  2.   If you’re using two or more colors on one section, let the marker colors set first. Otherwise, the ink may smear and might result in bleeding.
  3.   Markers with fine tips work best for cake decorating.
  4.   To avoid smudges, you can start working from the base of the cake then work your way up.
  5.   It is best to make a sketch of the design on a paper first before working on the cake itself. This will lessen the chances of making a mistake in the design of the cake.

Edible markers are the perfect tool for decorating cakes and other sweet treats. There are various types of markers available depending on your preference. Invest in markers, come up with different designs, and add a personal touch to your creations.