Ideas on How to Use Edible Markers on Marshmallows

You can use food markers as you would a typical marker. Make sure that you use a damp paper towel to wipe the tip clean after use. These marker pens are an amazing tool for decorating marshmallow, cookies, as well as other treats. Here’s everything you should know about food coloring pens.

The best treats and sweets compatible with edible writers include:

  • Marshmallows
  • Fondant
  • Royal icing which has been flooded and left to dry overnight

These sweets are not or are less compatible with edible writers:

  • Candy melts: Use edible writers with stuff that has been hardened after being dipped in candy melts. However, the writers don’t work quite as well since they react with the fats in the melts. If you have attempted to make cake pops, you might have experienced this. It is important to use food markers with a great flow and use the tips sparingly for small details such as dots.
  • Buttercream frosting: Frosting will not completely harden and the grooves and bumps make it an unpleasant surface for writers.

Tips about using food coloring pens:

  • Allow your surface to dry well before using the writers. Fondant and marshmallows will harden if left out for at least an hour. Moreover, flooded royal icing should dry overnight.
  • You should not attempt to layer colors unless it is in effect. The reason is that the bottom color will show through. Only black covers other colors, so you typically outline using black last.
  • When you switch colors, allow the first color set approximately 10 minutes. This helps to avoid bleeding.