What are High-Quality Edible Paper Made Of

Edible papers are papers that are safe for consumption. There are two types: the wafer paper and the frosting sheets. The wafer paper is more commonly known as the edible rice paper. On the other hand, frosting sheets are sometimes called icing sheets by bakers. For both kinds, high-quality materials should be used to achieve the best output.

A wafer paper is made from high-quality starch. If to be used with an edible paper printer, it is better to use the white thin flexible form of the wafer paper. Flowers, butterflies, and leaves are commonly printed using this type of edible paper. Moreover, since a wafer paper does not have a plastic backing, it comes with a smooth side and a rough side. Although you can print on both, the results are better when the smooth side is used. Wafer papers dissolve in water, but not in frostings, therefore it can also be used in frosted cakes.

Frosting sheets are made of thin layers of high-grade frostings pressed onto a plastic backing. Images printed on an edible paper printer using frosting sheets have better outputs than those printed in wafer paper. Although buttercream frosting is the best to use with frosting sheets, others like fondant, non-dairy whipped cream or even candy melts can also be used.

Wafer paper sometimes curls if refrigerated, so it must be placed in a cool, dry container. A frosting sheet can easily dry out so it must be stored in a tightly sealed container. Both should also be stored properly to avoid contamination and to ensure the best quality.