Edible Ink: Facts on this Technology

Wondering about the edible inks used in photo cookies, cakes, or other desserts with printed images on them? Here are some facts about the technology of edible ink.

1. Edible ink is just food coloring made for printing photo cookies, logo desserts, and the like. These are safe to eat as long as they pass standard food safety requirements set by the government. These are usually described as water-saturated food coloring.

2. Edible printers usually don’t know you are putting or using edible ink into it because it doesn’t really have a noticeable difference in compatibility.

3. Edible inks have no nutritional value. So, when you are eating those photo cookies, you do not have worry about taking in extra carbs or sugars.

4. Some edible ink cartridges, just like regular printing cartridges, have chips to count the number of prints produced.

5. Printing using edible ink on edible paper helps saves money and time for cake and dessert decorators in producing designs. It provides a fast and convenient way in making designs for foods likes photo cookies and cake decorations.

6. It is for food decoration use only. It should not be used for regular printing.

7. In transferring designs, the edible ink remains while the unprinted parts of the edible paper get absorbed into the dessert.

These are just some facts about the amazing technology of edible printing. Who would have thought we would be able to print out something edible and fun? I hope you learned from these facts about edible inks. Happy printing!