Step-by-step Guide to Applying Edible Cake Picture

So you want to rock that party with a badass cake? The problem is you’re not really a pastry decoration expert. Thankfully, technology has made things easier for you so you could impress your family and friends with a delicious, yet equally creative cake through this simple pastry hack — adding an edible cake picture.

Edible cake images are easy to apply and generally need no refrigeration. To help you, here are five easy steps to add a tinge of creativity on a dull-looking cake:

  1.    Prepare your cake. Put plain frosting all over without adding any decorations before putting on the image. Buttercream frostings or ready-made frostings bought from stores are more preferable for best results. It is also advisable to use white frosting to enhance the colors of the picture.
  2.    Remove the edible cake picture from its container and place it under normal room temperature for approximately 15 minutes. Don’t leave the cake image under direct lighting to keep it from melting and getting damaged.
  3.    Peel off the back paper from the cake image. If you’re having a hard time doing this, use a hair dryer over the back paper for one minute to dry the picture before removing the back paper.
  4.    Carefully lay the printed cake image on the surface of the cake, starting from the middle towards the ends. Secure the ends while applying the image to avoid tearing of the frosting sheet. Gently pat the picture to smoothen out any wrinkled areas.
  5.    You may now add decorations on the cake that would complement your overall design. You may pipe additional icings on the edges. You may also add additional texts on the image using jellies or frostings.

With this easy guide, you not only create an artistic dessert but also sweet lasting memories with your loved ones.