Are Edible Inks and Paper Safe for Kids?

You come to a party and see desserts such as cupcakes, sweets, and cookies. You notice the cookies and that they are not regular cookies, but logo cookies. You then “Is this safe to eat? Is this safe for kids to eat?” You become skeptical because you know that inks and papers are not for human consumption, and even with the word “edible”, you still have your doubts. To answer your question: yes, edible inks and paper are safe for kids.
What are edible inks and paper made of?

Edible inks are simply water-saturated food coloring meant to be used to print designs on food such as logo cookies and cakes. These are definitely safe for consumption, but have no nutritional value.

Edible papers are made of food ingredients such as icing and wafer. Icing sheets and wafer paper are two common edible papers used. Icing sheets are thin layers of icing on plastic backing to smooth out. The plastic backings are removed before being placed on the dessert and the icing melts into the icing, leaving the printed image behind. No plastic is left onto the logo cookies. Wafer paper can be made of starches from potatoes and rice. The starch holds the paper well. It is ideal to use it for abstract backgrounds than sharp details since it tends to make images blurry. Wafer paper is also known to be cheaper than icing sheets.

Now that you know that these are safe, don’t hesitate to indulge in those delicious logo cookies and enjoy each bite.