How to Choose the Right Icing Colors When Baking

Everycake decorator needs to know how to pick the right icing color when baking. This is especially important if you are making a cake for someone else since they may be very straightforward about the shade of icing they would like on their cake. Gel colors and plain food coloring may be used to achieve specific colors for the icing. Here is a guide for choosing the right icing colors when baking.

  • It is always advisable to start with the first color and then add the second one a drop at a time.
  • When creating deep colors like black, red or brown, make sure you use large amounts of paste food color than normal.
  • Some colors like red food coloring can give an unpleasant flavor to the icing. Therefore, use no-taste products.
  • For buttercream icings, the colors deepen and darken upon setting. The color icing should be done 1-2 hours before decorating.
  • Vanilla can tint your white icing ivory. It is therefore not recommended to add vanilla to your icing.
  • When creating dark colors, stop two shades lighter in order to give enough time for the colors to darken.
  • When recreating combined colors, make sure that you have a big batch of that color. You do not want to run short of that color as this may give you a different shade altogether.
  • When you are not sure of the icing colors to use, it is better to mix small amounts to see if the colors are what you want. Do not forget to note down the amounts used.
  • Do not ice cakes while they are in the frozen state as this can cause bleeding of colors. Allow the cake to defrost first before icing.
  • Sometimes, lemon juice can alter colors; for instance, it can turn violet to blue. You should omit it if it’s included in the ingredients.