How You Can Print on Edible Icing Sheets

Frosting sheets, also called icing sheets, are made of icing or sugar. You can print icing colors using edible inks on these frosting sheets to create edible images. Food coloring pens are an amazing tool for decorating marshmallows, cookies, and other snacks. Here’s everything that you should know about food coloring pens.

How can you print on Edible Icing Sheets?

  • These icing sheets need to be stored flat in a cool, dry area between 18 and 20 °C.
  • Feed the edible icing sheets into the printer with the transparent polyester strip traveling through the printer first. It is also essential they are fed as flat as possible.
  • For satisfactory results, icing sheets have to be manually fed as single sheets from the top/ rear input where possible.
  • You need to test the different print settings offered for your particular printer to maximize the quality of your image. You should also choose the right paper type with Edible Icing sheets. You can create a better image when the Envelope setting is utilized. This will ensure the print rollers/heads are raised to cater to a thicker input type of paper.

You need to test which settings meet the satisfactory results. Check whether the desired icing colors have been achieved. Remember that some higher quality printer settings might take a long time to print than lower or medium quality settings. So, if you want to print images faster, then it may be beneficial to switch to a little lower quality setting.