What Do I Need to Include in Edible Marijuana Compliance Labels

Evaluation and approval of the packaging and labeling of medical and recreational marijuana are required by the government to ensure safe transportation and handling of the package. The application for the marijuana compliance labels starts with the approval process through an online application. Once the application has been assessed, the status will change from “New” to either “Approved” or “Resubmission Required”. Once the application has been approved, the applicant can proceed to use the label. If resubmission is required, the applicant must make sure that all the required changes are followed. If requirements for the resubmission are not met, the application will be automatically denied and the applicant has to go through another new application.

Marijuana compliance labels are composed of texts, pictures, or logos that can be seen in the package. All labels are required to:

1. Have all information typed in a legible font that can easily be seen and read. It should also be 1/16 th of an inch in height;

2. Be in the English language. Nevertheless, other languages can also be added in the text;

3. Be noticeable and is unobstructed by anything;

4. Show a principal display panel that has the product’s net weight, hemp symbol, and the product identity;

5. Contain additional specific information labels, such as the ingredients for every marijuana product type; and

6. Not show misleading remarks.

All labels should be approved first before you can sell the product to the consumers. Also, application time may take up to several weeks; therefore, compliance with all the rules will help you have a smooth application process.