How to Get the Exact Picture on the Computer to the Icing Sheet

People from the professional cake industry used to be the only ones who could create an edible cake picture. Nowadays, the process of making these edible print images can be done so easily that even amateur bakers can do it in their own homes. Making an edible cake picture does require a small investment in both time and materials, but it will all be worth it once you’ve finished your work. Getting the exact picture on the computer to the icing sheet is usually one of the main problems for beginners. Here are a few steps to guide you:

  1. Select the image that you want to print. Make sure that the picture fits the icing sheet’s size. If it doesn’t, resize the image before printing.
  2. Fill your ink cartridges with edible ink. Be sure to do a test print before you start printing the actual image to ensure that the printer is properly loaded.
  3. Put icing sheets or other edible paper into the printer. For sugar transfers, it is best to use rice paper, frosting sheets, or wafer paper.
  4. Once you have your ink and paper loaded, you are ready to print your image. You can use your computer or a printer-scanner machine to print the picture that you want to be transferred on the cake.

These steps may seem very simple, but in practice, you might need to do a few prints before you get your desired result. Printing using edible ink on icing sheets or other edible paper will require practice before you master it in one go. Do keep in mind that once the image is printed on the paper, seal it in a tight-lock bag and keep away from direct sunlight.