Ways to Use Wafer Paper and Frosting Sheets to Make Custom Edible Team Logos, Company Logos and Logo Cookies

 Brother_LC51BK_BlackThere are very many ways on how you can make logo cookies. Each method will require frosting sheets; however, the way these sheets are applied is different in each method. In this article, we’re going to look at arguably one of the neatest and easiest methods of making logo cookies.

Below are the instructions you have to follow:

  1. First, we start by printing images with the help of an edible printer before placing them onto the frosting sheets. You will need an edible printer if you want to make the custom edible images for your logo cookies. You can print the images either on frosting sheets or wafer paper.

  2. Once you’re done with the printing process, you can then proceed to decorate the cookies using icing sheets.

  3. Flood them with fondant or royal icing then give them time to dry completely. It usually takes around 20 hours or so. When dry, perform a poke test to ensure their dryness and a taste test to get a feel of the flavor.

  4. Using a food-only paintbrush, use a corn syrup then apply it on top of the dried cookies or maybe at the back of the frosting sheets.

  5. After that, simply place the image neatly on top of the icing.

Logo cookies and the like are the tasty future of business marketing. In fact, food printers might just be on the global market sooner than expected. Oh, and if you want crispier cookies, consider using micro-plane rasp zesters. They’ll help you produce the crispiest of cookies.

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