Common Mistakes in Homemade Frosting

icing colorsFrosting isn’t that easy, but it doesn’t have to be that hard either. Regardless, most beginners commit a number of mistakes while making homemade frosting, and they can even happen to some experienced bakers sometimes. That said, here are some of the common mistakes in homemade frosting.

  • Frosting a warm cake – as with all other things, patience is key. Cool your cake first on a cooling rack before actually frosting it to avoid the frosting from melting. Place it inside the refrigerator as it helps ease and shorten its cooling time.
  • Making your frosting in advance – aside from patience, don’t make your frosting in advance. The reason is that any type of frosting becomes an ugly, runny frosting when you make it in advance. Make it instead just when you are about ready to start frosting your cooled down cake.
  • Using a very soft butter – obviously, you will need butter when making a buttercream frosting. But what kind of butter exactly? The answer is butter that is at room temperature. One way to check is by pressing a thumbprint on the surface. If it pushes all the way through, then it’s too soft. You need butter that is soft enough to just hold a thumbprint instead of having your thumb pushed through the butter.
  • Skipping crumb coating – cakes have crumbs on its edges, so it is very important to apply a layer of coat on your cake and letting it cool inside the fridge to have a smooth layer and avoid having crumbs mushing around your frosting.
  • Using the wrong type of icing colors – there are a variety of food coloring types out there. There are liquid dyes, liquid gel dyes, gel paste dyes, and powdered dyes. Your choice of icing colors will depend on where you plan to apply the frosting. For example, powdered dyes work best on macarons or meringue, while gel paste dyes are ideal for cake batters.

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