Can Edible Food Wrapping Help Save the Planet?

edible_wrappingFood packages are designed to protect the food products inside from damage and to contain the food itself. Yes, they’re very beneficial; however, they also help contribute to environmental pollution, especially when waste is not properly disposed of.

Fortunately, there’s now food wrapping that’s edible. Edible wrapping is this newly discovered way of packaging food using biodegradable and edible materials to make the packages.

This will, no doubt, be a plus to the health of the environment in general. Just imagine if what’s wrapping the burger you buy could be eaten as well? This would help end the plastic waste complications in the world.

Seaweed is what most companies are using to manufacture these new packaging materials. But why seaweed? It’s because:

  • It’s easy to find throughout the year

  • It’s both nutritious and safe

  • The waste that comes from it can be transformed into plant fertilizer

  • Its cultivation period is only forty-five days

  • You can harvest and convert it into wrappers without using chemicals which is another thing that makes it safe

As of now, the production costs of edible wrapping are still quite high, especially when compared to the more traditional packaging styles. With that said, the organizations that continue to pursue this route will help a great deal when it comes to reducing the environment’s plastic waste issues.

Such products will be introduced into the global market sooner than expected and will help solve a lot of the waste problems facing mankind today. Eating wrapping is the way to go if we truly want to help save the environment.

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