Food Grade Cartridges: A note about sponges and plastics used

Canon printers used for edible ink printing are designed to be used with cartridges that have sponges. Using cartridges without sponges could cause leaks or inefficient printing. For best printing results cartridges with food grade sponges should be used. Epson and Brother printers used for edible ink printing are designed to use cartridges without sponges. […]

Inkedibles Direct-to-Cake Printers: A comparison between the different CakePro Series Printers

Warranty: Each CakePro™ Series Printer is guaranteed by Inkedibles to be free from any manufacturing material fault. Warranty does not extend for issues resulting from incorrect use of the products (printing procedure, usage of non-Inkedibles inks, or other issues resulting from misuse or negligence). The purchaser must use the equipment according to the instructions in the […]

Edible Markers Help To Decorate Food in Your Own Way

Cooking professionals use most popular concept of edible printing to decorate backed food. Either for adding personal or creative touch, edible printing using edible accessories is useful for both. In order to fulfill diverse need of food decorations, there are different printing accessories are used by the professionals such as edible pens, papers, printers, markers […]