The Extensive Uses of Edible Inks for Food Decoration

Edible Inks are a specifically formulated food coloring product for printing onto icing sheets or edible paper. These inks are specifically created and used for food decoration purpose especially decorating baked products including cakes, cookies, muffins, etc.The ink colors are matched with ordinary inks, and then tailored to hold their coloring on the icing sheets. […]

Edible Ink cartridges or Edible Ink Refills- What should I Consider Buying for my Canon Edible Printer?

If you own a Canon printer for edible printing, then you would find that an edible ink cartridge gives you many new creative opportunities for your printer.With edible ink, you can use your printer to create wonderful cake designs and decorations, along with other custom-made creations quickly. The most significant thing is before purchasing any […]