A Few Methods of Decorating Cakes

A cake should not be called beautiful if it is not decorated skillfully. Also, it cannot become special for any occasion either for birthday or wedding anniversary. Do you know that cake decoration is not tough? In fact, you can also do it at your home by making very less effects and more interest. If you have expertise of drawing beautiful designs then surely you can contribute a lot for this purpose. With this skill you can get your imagination alive on that edible item and can get appreciation from your friends or relative.  Your skill will not only make it beautiful but also attract people to have bites from it.


There are several methods to go with as you can pick any option from gum paste, food colors, edible cake ink, fondant or using any latest decorating trend. Go through the information and know more about these methods:

    1. A gum paste always plays an important role to help you making different designs upon the cake. You can make you own color with a paste or can directly buy a colored gum paste from the market 

    2. You can also go with piping technique which requires a hand held pastry bag for icing or designing flowers, stars, leaves, fruits, football etc.

    3. There is a great way of decoration with icing available in different flavors and can be easily melted on high heat

    4. Using fondant for the purpose of cake decoration is quite classy. Available in thick creamy sugar mass appearance and a soft touch, fondant is used to roll over the cake or to cover it with extreme prettiness. These can be shaped or cut any design you want.

    Here are a few methods making you familiar with several options of garnishing a cake. Try each and add more charm in that special occasion.