A Guide to Edible Ink Printing for Cakes

Do you enjoy making cakes with creative themes and artistic designs? Well, you can make your own if you have an Edible Ink Printer. If you want to print to cakes very detailed designs, you’re going to need a really good Edible Ink Printer so that you won’t have to waste hours doing it by hand.

Now, if you’re convinced that you want to buy one, there are a few things that you need to take note of first. Follow this guide on how to buy the perfect machine for you.

Choose the Right Printer

It is recommended that you buy the more reputable brands of food printers. Brands like Canon are really good because Canon printers are known for their top quality and reliability. The only thing about Canon is that it heavily uses ink. However, this is justified because it gives off top quality output.

Buy the Edible Ink

While the printer does all the printing action, it’s the ink that’s really the meat of it all. If you want to create a well designed cake, then you’ll need some edible ink so that people can actually eat it. Inks from most printing suppliers also come with icing sheets so you’ll have a complete kit when you start to picture print to cakes.

You can buy edible ink and other edible printing supplies from various suppliers or from retailers online. It’s always better to buy the well-known brands of sheets and inks so that you’re assured from quality. You’re going to eat it, after all, so you want to be safe.