How to Use Edible Images on Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies

Personalizing baked goods is definitely easier with the help of edible cake toppers. A great way to do this is by using edible photo images. Any image can be utilized to decorate different desserts. These can be used on cakes, cupcakes, and even cookies. Continue reading to find out how to use edible photo images on cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.


  • Edible photo image

There are two ways to acquire an edible photo image. One can order from shops that specialize in these or one can print a picture using an edible image printer. The edible picture should not be allowed to brittle, so storing it in a sealed bag prior to use is ideal. Take the image out of the container for about 20 minutes before application so that it can dry out a bit. Lastly, never wet the edible image because the colors might run.

  • Cake icing

Almost any kind of cake icing can be used to apply the image on. Remember that the edible image is made of a thin layer of icing, so dark-colored cake icing may be visible through the edible image. If a very wet cake icing is being used, make sure to have some sort of backing plaque on top of the cake before applying the image. It is also best to apply the edible image right after the cake has been iced.


  • Make sure that your cake, cupcake, or cookie has an even surface so that the edible image can be placed properly.
  • Remove the backing sheet off of the edible photo image.
  • Apply cake icing to the dessert surface evenly. A bit of moisture can aid in applying the edible image.
  • Start adhering the middle of the edible image to the icing covered dessert surface.
  • Using the palm of the hand, smooth out the edges.
  • Prevent bubbling or wrinkling of the image by patting it with the fingers.
  • Allow the image to dry on the dessert.

Essentially, an edible photo image is stuck onto the cake, cupcake, or cookie using icing. Make sure to follow these tips and prepare both the dessert surface and image properly. Imagination is the limit, so get those creative minds to work and add more character to those desserts.