Tips on Using Edible Markers

Edible MarkersEdible markers can be used to make cakes and cookies look more gratifying. There are different colors and uses for these markers, ranging from gum paste to icing. Edible markers can also be used on rice paper. They are user-friendly and can be used by kids as long as parents tell them how to use them carefully. These can even be used to copy other images and place them on cakes and other surfaces.

For better use of these edible markers, consider the following tips:

  • Trial and error help a lot in selecting the ideal brand for edible markers.
  • Let the surface dry first before using the markers. The ink might smear, and you will end up with a messy product.
  • Candy melts and soft icing are not ideal for some products as they might not produce a shape or color when used.
  • Make sure the marker colors match well enough to avoid a bad combination.
  • Most markers do not mix well with other colors. If you are looking for something like a purple color, better to buy one than mix red and blue together.

Each kind of marker has an ideal purpose:

  • Wilton FoodWriter™: This brand carries a set of colors, primary colors and neon colors. They work on most surfaces but can be challenging to use on waxy surfaces like candy melts and chocolate.
  • Sugarflair Food Colouring Pens: There are many choices in terms of shades. They also have fine tips for cake decoration.