Canon Edible Ink Cartridges make a Great Duo for Cake Printers

The professional cake stores and bakeries are finding out better opportunities for their businesses. They work with inkjet printers to add more intricate and personalized designs to their assortment. Canon printers are highly regarded for edible printing with various retailers providing compatible Edible Ink supplies for Canon printers. Before you get started with this work, […]

The Best Choice for Canon Edible Printer – Edible Ink Cartridges or Edible Ink Refills

If you own a Canon printer for edible printing, then an edible ink cartridge offers you great opportunities to create exclusive designs with your printer. With your inkjet printer and edible ink cartridge, you can create wonderful cake decorations and other personalized decorations quickly and easily. The most significant aspect to consider before purchasing any […]

Canon ip3600 Makes a Great Printing Device for Edible Ink Printing

Canon iP3600 Color Inkjet Printer is a compact and convenient home photo printer with highest level of industry specification that delivers brilliant photo lab quality prints. This printer makes a great printing device for edible ink printing. The edible ink cartridges including compatible Canon PGI-220 Black edible ink cartridge, CLI-221 black edible ink cartridge, CLI-221 […]