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How to Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Chocolate transfer sheets are generally acetate sheets used for making a cake dessert extremely attractive and professional. These are designed with help of cocoa butter so that it can be transferred to the surface of the melted chocolate. It is an excellent technique for providing cakes distinctive, finished and eye-catching emergence. Provided information can be […]

Check out our newly launched Heavy Duty Airbrush Series, Artisan line of frosting sheets and Chocospray

We have many new products at Inkedibles, and some in development, but here are the main items just launched in June/July 2014: HEAVY DUTY Airbrush Series On our Airbrush Equipment page: You will notice the all new HEAVY DUTY Compressor / Airbrush This is a much stronger compressor than our original compressor (which we […]

New Chocolate Transfer Application For Use With All Types Of Dark Chocolates

The beauty of using printable chocolate transfer sheets rather than pre-printed transfer sheets is that you can get beautiful detailed images such as photographs at do-it-yourself costs.  But, the frustration up until nowhas been that these images have worked very well on white chocolate, but hasn’t shown up well against the dark background of dark […]