All I Want For Christmas- Making Chocolates

I don’t know about you, but this is the time of the year when I turn into Super Craft Woman. I don’t wear a cape; I wear an apron. I don’t have super powers; I have gadgets (like Batman). The minute I see the Halloween costume stores opening up in the strip malls, I get the itch. It’s time to bake, to decorate, think about making chocolates, to get out the glue gun and the scissors–and the power drill, so I can take out all my frustrations on the poor pumpkins. Unfortunately, my projects don’t always turn out as perfectly as the ones I see in the magazine spreads.

But this year I’m looking at new, quality gadgets from Inkedibles. They will give me the tools I need to make the perfect molded chocolates–candies to rival the fancy chocolate shop downtown. You know the one, the one where you’re afraid to buy more than two pieces, or you’ll break the bank.

Inkedibles is easy. First you choose your design. You have two options: either use Inkedibles Chocolate Transfer Sheets to print personalized images using an edible ink printer, or simply use the elegantly designed pre-printed transfer sheets.

Next prep your magnetic mold by removing the metal plate from the bottom and inserting your transfer sheet. Pipe your chocolate into the mold, carefully put in place your design and the metal plate, and refrigerate. Once the chocolate is crystallized you remove it from the refrigerator and carefully peel the transfer paper off–and voila, remove professional grade chocolates from the mold.

Inkedible’s has all the supplies I’ll need to be the family chocolatier. They have a large variety of pre-printed transfer sheets, as well as edible ink printers and the edible ink. In addition to the magnetic molds, other candy molds are available in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes.

When my nieces and nephews come to trick or treat they will have specialized chocolates to fit each of their personalities. At Thanksgiving I’ll have a special chocolate at each place setting with family member’s initials printed in a fancy, cursive font. Come Christmas everyone is getting chocolate. I’m already imagining all the beautifully wrapped boxes and bags of chocolates for co-workers, friends, family, extended family, the postman, acquaintances. I’ve just crossed everyone off my list. And then, beautiful chocolates with champagne for New Year’s Eve. And my own chocolate bunnies for Easter . . .

I think I’ve decided what to tell my husband to get me for my early Christmas present.