How to Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Chocolate transfer sheets are generally acetate sheets used for making a cake dessert extremely attractive and professional. These are designed with help of cocoa butter so that it can be transferred to the surface of the melted chocolate. It is an excellent technique for providing cakes distinctive, finished and eye-catching emergence. Provided information can be a help-guide if you like baking cakes at your own home and wish decorating it with this method.

Method of using transfer sheets:

If you are excited opting for this decoration, have some patience and read out the steps mentioned below:

• Take a chocolate transfer sheet and keep its face in downwards direction. Or, make sure that printed pattern should be in upwards direction

• Take melted chocolate and start pouring it on the facing of embossed pattern of the sheet. Pour it in such way that it should cover the area of whole sheet otherwise it would not look attractive

• Keep spreading the chocolate to make a very thin layer

• Leave combination in the air for a few minutes so that it can lose its gloss but it should not be completely dried. To get this work quickly done, you can us use your fridge

• After 5 or 10 minutes, get the cake out of the fridge and start cutting that flexible cake in desired shape with a cookies cutter

• Cut the chocolate in such manner that it should not be removed from the sheets

• After cutting it in desired shape, sizes and numbers you can keep those pieces in fridges for app. 30 minutes

• After 30 minutes unwrap the shapes from the transfer sheet so that it can take the actual design printed on the sheet

• Now your beautiful cake is ready to serve to your family, children, husband or someone special