20 Tips on Packaging Christmas Cookies

 Decorated_Christmas_CookiesChristmas – it’s that time of the year again and in this article, we’ll give you 20 tips on packaging Christmas cookies.

1. Custom cookies’ container. For this, you may use tissue boxes or any free cardboard boxes with easy-open lid. You may decorate this one easily by wrapping it with Christmas wrappers.

2. Custom cookies’ tube. You may recycle a Pringle’s tube for this one and decorate it with Christmas embellishments.

3. Cookie basket. You may buy mini baskets in craft stores. This looks elegant and can be used for different seasons.

4. Cupcake liner pouch. Cupcake liners come in batches. Choose the style that suits the season- best. You may turn it into a pouch and seal it with water or edible glue.

5. Gift Bags. Christmas designs in gift bags are widely available so decoration for this one is not that stressful.

6. Dough containers. Dough cups can also be used and decorated as packaging for Christmas cookies.

7. Cellophane. Using cellophane is the easiest way to pack since it is flexible and it can easily be tied up the way you want.

8. Lunch bags. Simple brown lunch bags can also be used as a cookie packaging. The simplest way to decorate it is to tie a red ribbon onto it.

9. Cardboard box. Using a cardboard box as a container is good for big cookie batches. Each one may contain 3-4 cookies.

10. Cookie jar. You may recycle mayonnaise or pickle jars for this one.

11. Cookie container. Cookies in Christmas containers are common yet still interesting among children.

12. Snack pouch. You may create your own design and tie it up with a ribbon and a tag.

13. Cookie buckets. You may use or buy tin buckets and decorate it. This is good for large cookie batches.

14. Tin foils. Christmas-designed tin foils are readily available in bookstores and craft shops. This is useful in keeping the cookie warm for a short period of time.

15. Cookie mason jars. You may purchase jars with Christmas-designed lids as your personalized cookie container.

16. Cookie bags. Basic bags are always classy and fun to open up—especially at Christmas!

17. Cookie ingredients pack. You may place the cookie ingredients inside a transparent container and leave it with a Christmas tag.

18. Plate basket. You may choose either to buy or to DIY this one. This is easy to décor and you may seal it up with a Christmas ribbon.

19. Cookie envelopes. This is a good surprise and you may include your personal message to the receiver in the envelope itself.

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20 Tips on Packaging Christmas Cookies
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