How Edible Images on Cakes Are Made

edible-images-on-cakesCakes have evolved a lot through the years, from the typical icing that bakers use to design the cake to the custom-made ones that we all find captivating. Nowadays, most people want something that is interesting as well as a cake that will be memorable to the celebrants.

We are used to cakes that have a personal message written on top of it, but now, the trend is using edible images on cakes as a design. These are called photo cakes by the bakers, and the method of using an edible image means that you and your guests can eat it and be in awe by the beauty of the cake as images add a certain appeal to it.

Now, you may be reading this because you are interested to print your own or just curious as to how they put edible images on cakes. Making them is really simple. Bakers make their customers choose the picture that they would like to put on their cakes then scan it. The second step is printing the picture using a special printer where an edible ink and frosting sheets or icing paper are used to produce the edible image.

The edible inks are made using food coloring and sugar while the icing paper and frosting sheets that they use are made of rice flour or potato starch which resembles the wrapper that people use for spring rolls. When applied to the cake, the edible image will dissolve immediately. This makes it look as if the picture was directly printed on it.

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How Edible Images on Cakes Are Made
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