Bakers Choice-Canon and Epson Printers for Cake Printing

Cake decorating is a remarkable art form and the best creators show their talents adding ornate floral patterns and delicate borders that make you think twice before cutting it or sinking a fork into the icing. So, to print beautiful designs and images on the top, all you need is an inkjet printer. Choosing a right printer is the first step in getting cake printouts. Generally, there are two brands of printers most bakers choose that have readily available edible ink cartridges for birthday cake printouts, these include- Epson and Canon.

The Epson printers that are supporting and used for cake printings are-

WorkForce 500, WorkForce 600, NX100, NX200, NX300, NX400, CX5000, CX6000, CX7000F, CX7400, CX8400, CX9400F, and Stylus 1400.

The Canon printers that are utilized for cake decoration are-

ALL-in-One Systems: MP510, MP520, MX700, MP500, MP800, MP810, MP830, MX850

There are also various Canon printers out there in the Pixma line that can be used as well.

Each printer has a particular requirement for the cartridges needed. Canon printers can get along both with a black cartridge and a color cartridge. This is fine if you are doing basic, low volume printing, but keep in mind that the single color cartridges will not yield as much print output as individual tanks will. Another significant aspect to be considered is just how many prints are to be made. If it is suitable for a little side business or you utilize it for just one or two for your kid’s birthday!

Disclaimer: The information in this article does not represent any particular company’s opinions or suggestions. Edible ink printing should follow the instructions of the manufacturer from whom you buy your edible ink supplies, and it should be noted that the mixing of edible inks and regular inks should not be done.