Edible Ink Cartridges from Canon offer Long-Lasting Feasibilityand Uniqueness

Edible imaging is the process of printing edible images and impressive photos onto edible paper using ink cartridges filled with FDA compliant food coloring and a compatible inkjet printer. To work with edible ink and to print edible images you will need- a compatible Canon Bubble Jet Printer, Edible ink cartridges Frosting sheets or wafer paper.Also, it is recommended that you have these items close at hand, these include-cleaning cartridges Edible ink refill kit Airbrush cleaning fluid.

Canon printers have an easy replaceable print head. Inkjet printers are susceptible to print head clogs,a serious issue that can be compounded by the use of edible inks.If the print head in your Canon printer become clogged or damaged, it can be easily removed and serviced or even replaced.Before purchasing any printer for applying it with edible imaging, consult with a manufacturer or retailer of edible ink cartridges to make sure your printer will be compatible with the edible ink cartridges. Remember that only edible inks should be used with your printer. You cannot switch back and forth between regular inks and edible inks.

The giant edible ink manufacturers provide a range of Canon edible ink cartridges. The cartridges offer the most long-term feasibility for cake printers and allow you to produce stunning copies of your photographs in a special kind of paper, called edible papers! The edible pictures can be placed on cakes on birthday party decorations and are safe to be eaten by the guests and kids as well.

Disclaimer: The information in this article does not represent any particular company’s opinions or suggestions. Edible ink printing should follow the instructions of the manufacturer from whom you buy your edible ink supplies, and it should be noted that the mixing of edible inks and regular inks should not be done.