Edible Inks Work Mainly with Canon and Epson Inkjet Printers

As the name suggests, edible ink is one of the most interesting delectable inventions introduced during these past few years. If an impressive photo image on the icing of a cake tempts you, then you have seen the wonderful creations of edible ink and have eaten it too. The manufacturing of edible inks is regulated by the FDA, and so they are generally safe. The ink is made mostly out of food coloring and thus they are safe to eat.

Among the big-name manufacturers of printers and inks, Canon and Epson stand out as leading producers of edible inks, although there are many stores, both online and offline. It must be considered that a printer that is used for working with edible ink must never be used for any other regular printing job. Regular inks are risk toxic when consumed; thus, any printer used for printing with edible ink should be exclusively used for that purpose only.

However, any inkjet printer of Canon and Epson brand can possibly convert an old printer that has earlier been used for regular printing jobs as a printer for Edible Ink. In this case, you are required to clean the printer, especially the printer head, thoroughly in order to remove all traces of the regular ink that has once been used with it. To ensure security to heath, you can also replace the printer head with the particular printer head that is designed more suitably for working with edible ink.