Personalize Your Cakes with Printed Photos by Using Edible Inks

If you are planning to decorate your Christmas and New Year cake in a special manner then this time you don’t have to struggle hard with getting the perfect look for your cakes. The reason behind this is that edible inks are now available in the market that has enabled various bakery shops, confectionaries and individuals to decorate their special items with computer designed images that can be easily printed on the edible paper and placed on top of cakes, pastries, cup cakes and many more.

Edible Inks are manufactured by reputed companies and all the ingredients are used under strict conditions and according to the international standards. Complete hygiene is maintained so that the products are of high quality and there is no risk of any health hazards. All the products are FDA compliant and can be safely used to customize the cakes and give them a unique look. To prints the photos, you can use an inkjet printer specially dedicated for this purpose. Be careful not to use the printer for normal printing as mixing of both the inks can be hazardous to health. So with edible inks, you can be very creative while decorating your cakes and the best part of it is that, it can be used by anyone without having any special training or expertise.

So, be ready with your bakery shop to offer some of the best decorated cakes for the Christmas and New Year and stay much ahead of your competitors with beautifully designed and customized cakes.