Right Place to Find Good Quality Food Grade Cake Ink

One must know that only food grade ink is used for printing related to food items. Printing on food is always complicated for one the ink has to be free from smudging or smearing and stay together, which means it has to have a certain consistency and other requirements as per printing scale. But the most significant aspect of using food grade ink is what goes into them.

Inkjet printing is generally used for decorating the surface of various edible food products. A few important things have to be attuned for the food medium such as using food grade ink which may be similar in temperament with the surface on which it is written. The ink should have the appropriate thickness, smear resistance, surface tension, solubility and drying times.

Some of the food items on which the ink is more commonly used are rice cakes, cookies, biscuits, cereals, crackers, waffles, cakes, candies, marshmallows and other pastry items. Food grade ink is also most commonly used on bakery products like buns, tortillas, bagels and toasts.

If you plan on creating decorative food items, you will need a good photo inkjet printer, compatible printer ink cartridge, edible ink and other supplies. Some suppliers have a limited stock of only one brand of ink. So, consider buying from (Inkedibles) www.inkedibles.com, a high quality edible ink manufacturer for the cake decoration industry.

Inkedibles™ cake decorating supplies and systems including a complete range of compatible refillable ink cartridges are well-matched with Canon and Epson Printers and you are provided with the tools to create magnificent designs and images on your cakes.

Disclaimer: The information in this article does not represent any particular company’s opinions or suggestions. Edible ink printing should follow the instructions of the manufacturer from whom you buy your edible ink supplies, and it should be noted that the mixing of edible inks and regular inks should not be done.