Save time and money by using your EDIBLE INK printer for your regular paper prints

Did you know that you can use your edible inks to print to regular paper? There’s no need to have a separate printer for “regular” printing when you can use the same edible ink printer to also print to regular paper. Save time and money, and keep your edible printer in more constant use (which is healthy for the printer as it minimizes risks for clogs) by using the same edible ink printer for printing to regular paper! WARNING: never use regular ink in the printer, but its OK to use regular paper and print to the paper with edible ink!

Edible ink printing has been around for many years, but it has been fine tuned and commercialized for the hobbyist or small bakery using inexpensive commonly available printers / printer systems. For around $200 to $250, anyone can make edible prints out of the comfort of their own home or bakery. Edible Inks by Inkedibles are dedicated for specific printer engines (edible inks for Canon vs edible inks for Epson vs Edible inks for Brother – which are in development and expected to be released in August 2014). Edible inks are also known as food inks, and they are made to work with the printers such that the printers jet out the edible inks to edible paper so that the final product is edible and can be used for cake or food decoration.

However, what many people don’t realize, is that those same edible inks print beautifully to regular paper as well. So the same printer that is used for edible ink printing, can also be used to print to regular paper. This cuts down the need to have a separate printer for “regular” printing and a separate printer for “edible” printing. It also keeps the edible ink flowing more through the printer due to the extended use, and this is healthy because a printer that is left idle for too long or infrequently used can clog.

The only thing to be careful of never doing is to NEVER use regular ink in a printer that is being used for edible prints, as contamination can occur.