Edible Ink Pens- A Fun Way of Creating Food Art for Your Child

It is true that a nice presentation of food is so important especially for fussy toddlers. When food is died out in a fun way, children are attracted to try them because they look so nice and cool. You can introduce edible ink pens to decorate your children’s regular food item and give them a nice shape to draw their interest.

Basically, edible ink pens are cake decorating supplies. These are utilised to add the most intricate details to your cake decorating designs. Available different colours and tip style, it is easy to draw pictures, designs and write messages on any surface you like to spruce up. Generally, it works on sugar paste, icing, rice paper, marzipan, and florist paste. You can make funny faces on hard boiled egg or add a smiley on bread. Anything edible you want to add images, you can do it with this pen.

The ink used in these pens is safe and can be used on edible products without any risk. Mostly, it contains natural food colouring substance and the synthetic materials don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Production of this ink is regulated by FDI and marked as food safe by the authority.

During birthdays or special occasions like Christmas, wedding or anniversary, you can try your hand to decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes to write messages or give your cake a perfect detailing wit intricate design. Creativity has no limit and you can make any things look delectable wit your own ideas. Children will love it and adults will admire your art.

So, when you think of making something different, try it now- sky is the limit.