Are You Facing Trouble With Your Edible Letters?

Edible LettersPrinting some food item or an anything related to food is such an interesting idea already. But what if after buying the device, you face some of the problems with the process? Here you can find the answers.

If Edible Letters Are Coming Out In Wrong Color:

1. Are you finding any color missing? Firstly, double-check if all the colors are working properly. Perform a ‘nozzle check’ in the printer settings, and if any particular color isn’t printing, prefer the troubleshooting tips in the next section around cleaning the ink heads.

2. Next, adjust the image in the printer settings. Now, go to the printer property settings (Print> Properties > Main > Color/Intensity > Manual> Set) and adjust the balance of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

3. Ensure good quality inks whenever you buy the cartridges and also make sure the colors are turned on. If you’re observing this, it may be worth looking at other ink suppliers. Remember to keep experimenting with different inks and suppliers but the potential good ones only.

You can find other problems as well like darkening or lightening the print.

In That Case, You Take Few Steps To Resolve The Issue:

1. First of all, do not print using the ‘photo printing’ setting. Ensure the correct printer settings. It is a complete myth that photo print setting will come out with highest quality on the icing sheet. Now, choose the ‘plain paper’ setting and simply choose ‘high quality’ on this option, and you’ll find the prints aren’t as photo printing that you were using.

2. Now, lighten the image, so that it can actually look normal. To adjust the brightness, you can do it directly within the printer settings as the printers includes of the removable print heads for easy cleaning. So, go to (Print> Properties > Main > Color/Intensity > Manual> Set), then adjust the brightness from there.

All the solutions written in the article would solve 90% of the problems regarding the prints of edible letters. Also, with these steps you just learned, you can even manipulate the colors by yourself.