Minimal Note With Edible Letters In Birthday Cake

How much excited are you for your father’s birthday? Father is that cute person in every daughter’s life for whom daughter will do everything in this world. And father has already done each and everything for you. You are his oxygen and there is no denying on that. Your father doesn’t care on how much you spend for him but when you really write down something for him, you will see his smile and tears at the same time. Make edible letters for your dad and see what a hard time he has while eating your note.

If your father tries to lecture you in the middle in order to let his emotions in control that ‘one should never eat something which is printed’ show him the whole research you have dome about the letters. Tell him that there are it is a paper like sheet made of starches and sugars in which one can print with edible food colors. Ask him not to be stressed about the material he will be eating as these inks papers have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration also.

Now look at his tensed face when you say that edible letters can also be printed on a standard printer. Yeah, with the support upon a moist surface one can totally print anything. This can even support in dissolving while maintaining a high resolution. Your dad will be proud of you totally to hear that you have thrown such a thoughtful party for him. He will be completely amazed by the creativity you will bring in to his birthday.

Well whatever it is, keep a copy of your note that you have used in the cake. Now after he finishes eating you note, tease him with the copy and give it to him, he will be even happier to keep it with him and cherish as long he wants. He will truly be a proud dad with your amazing gifts and will remember the memory forever.