How Edible Markers Make Food Decorating Easier

Have you always wanted to make edible markers so that decorating becomes easier? Well, don’t fret because you can do that in a few very easy steps. Here they are:

  1. Order The Marker Online

We suggest you get a Molotow 111EM 2Mm fine round tip empty marker or something similar to it.

  1. Disassemble and Wash

Disassemble your marker and make sure to wash all parts properly since you’ll be putting food inside of it.

  1. Put the Food Color

The next step is to pour the food color into the reservoir. We prefer using white, but you can use other colors if you want. Make sure that it isn’t full to the brim otherwise you might clog it.

  1. Switch the Tips

Switch the original tip of your marker with the Montana Acrylic marker nib. After that, screw it back properly and make sure it’s tight.

  1. Test It

Once the nib is tightly screwed, test your pen to see if it works. You can try testing it on a towel or a small piece of cookie to see if you can come out with the results that you want. If you did, then you can start drawing on your food.

  1. Unclog

If it happens to clog, don’t worry because you can easily unclog it by removing the nib and rinsing it. After that, dry the nib and put it back.


In just 6 steps, you’re able to have your own food marker!  Now the only thing left to do is enjoy