Create Exciting Themes for Your Cake by Using Eatable Paper

One of the main attractions of any ceremony is the cake cutting moment. You will often find guest in the party discussing about the cake and this points out to the importance that the taste and decoration of the cake plays to make the occasion a memorable one. Today, decorating a cake based on a particular theme is no more a daunting task. With eatable paper manufactured by various companies, photos and images of your choice can be easily printed and placed as cake toppings. Presenting a customized cake to the person you love is a fulfilling experience. Eatable paper has enabled bakers and individuals at home to decorate cakes that capture the interest of everyone.

Eatable paper is used to decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes in a neat way and requires edible inks and a dedicated printer to complete the job. These papers are made from rice and other starches and are designed to melt in water. Eatable paper has a neutral flavor and texture and blend into the icing easily without tearing the image. These specially formulated papers are used for printing photos or images and allow the edible ink to penetrate the surface without fading or bleeding.

So by using eatable paper, you can quickly add a professional touch to cakes and desserts. No special training or preparation is needed before using them. All you have to do is to paint or print a design on the paper using edible ink and then apply it on top of the cake. The paper dissolves easily causing the image to sink into the frosting. Using eatable paper can be really fun while decorating you special cake.