Eatable paper: Effective Means of Going Creative

While using edible inks for cake decoration, one has to use eatable paper so that the chosen design or image can be printed easily and placed as cake toppings. This special eatable paper is made of starches and sugars and is used for printing on with edible inks and printers. These sheets are made by companies to help the cake decoration industry to print any images of their choice. The papers have a thin plastic back so that after printing the plastic can be carefully removed and gently placed on top of a cake without damaging the image. It becomes very easy to handle the image on the cake.

Eatable paper has helped aspiring chef, bakers and mothers to become creative with food and there are endless possibilities of becoming creative with the product. While manufacturing eatable paper the companies take great care of the ingredients used so that they retain the color and provide high quality images and resist bleeding even on high moisture applications. Since the papers are made of rice or corn starch, they can be consumed without affecting the normal human digestive system. The papers have no flavor and have very little texture. After placing the paper on the cake, it dissolves when in contact with moist frosting.

Thus, the end result is that you get a wonderful image on the paper that can be used for decorating your special cake. With eatable paper you can now decorate your cakes, cookies, cupcakes, puddings, marshmallows with ease.