Edible Print Paper for Amazing Cake Decoration

Cake making and decorating concept has now become a business module. When it comes to cake decorating, you need different type of ink and a paper, in which there is plastic in one side like normal paper. As far as such papers are concerned, they are specially made for this purpose.

Some people call them frosting sheets (A common name for such sheets) and icing frosting sheets that are substrate that can be printed with edible inks for cake decorating purpose or any kind of other confectionery items. Being backed with plastic to slide through printer in much the same way that normal paper does, these papers are printed with edible ink. When they are used on cakes, plastic paper is removed; while the frosting sheet or icing sheet is applied to a layer of frosting on top of the cake.

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For those who are involved in cake making and decorating business, placing an order for bulk frosting papers or edible print papers is certainly beneficial in a number of ways. Not forget to mention the edible ink that is also available at Ink Edibles at reasonable price.

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