Guide in Making Edible Cake Images

Guide-in-Making-Edible-Cake-ImagesReceiving gifts like cakes with edible images of popular characters will make kids very happy and enthusiastic. Customized cakes with pictures especially of their favorite character or can make the person appreciate more the thoughtfulness of the person giving the cake. However, edible cake pictures are quite a bit expensive compared to regular cakes. If you want to give someone a gift like this, you can actually do it with ingredients that can easily be found at home.

  • In choosing pictures, select the one with a reduced mirror reversal effect. It should look almost the same when reversed. Start with simple pictures before trying on detailed and complex ones.

  • Prepare the frosting. Mix shortening, butter, cream, vanilla, and powdered sugar for 5 to 10 minutes or until thick.

  • Attach the picture with wax paper on top of it on the cutting board. Use black icing to trace the outline of the picture. Fill the spaces inside the outline using colored icing. Using the back of a spoon, gently press on the picture. Make it gentle so the colors won’t blend.

  • Spread frosting at the back of the colored picture. It is recommended for the frosting to have the same color as the cake. Put in the freezer for hours. After that, gently put the frozen picture on the cake. Remove the wax paper carefully so that the image won’t tear.

  • Decorate the cake in the design that you want.

  • Choose the right colors and combine them to enhance the appearance of your very own edible cake picture.

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Guide in Making Edible Cake Images
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