How Inkedibles Make Sure That Marijuana Compliance Labels Is Met?

Inkedibles offers edible ink cartridges for printers which can be used for edible purpses like cakes, bakeries, muffins to be decorated. Now, when they are launching marijuana edible cartridges, they are bound to stick to the Marijuana compliance labels as per the govt. rules and regulations.

The state must approve all of your packaging and labeling before the products can be offered on your shop’s shelves. In order to stay compliant with the Inkedibles’ retail and medical marijuana programs, you have to pay close attention to the packaging and labeling laws. The most important thing to remember is that your packaging and labeling cannot appeal to minors or children in any way. Marijuana business owners are responsible for making sure that every item leaving their establishment is properly contained, including proper exit packaging.

The OLCC adopted exceptions to the marijuana labeling law to address the issue. Small items such as vape pens, vape pen cartridges, shatter, wax and small single serve items don’t have enough surface space for a full label. In this case, you have to include a full label, either as a sticker, hangtag or other affixed method onto an additional child-resistant package containing the product.

Inkedibles is strictly following the label of package holding the product:

. Accepted fonts: Arial, Helvetica and Times New Roman only

. Font size of at least 8

. Display panel section including product name, Oregon universal symbol and net weight

. Your establishment’s name and registrant number

. OLCC licensees must use a package unique identification number. OHA registrants must include batch/process lot numbers

. THC/CBD concentration

. OLCC required warnings

They make sure that the inkjet cartridges they are offering should not reach to any minors and the consumers the cartridges are reaching is safe for them to use as well. They use a very light flavor which in anyway is not going to harm anyone. It has a very mild or even no effect. Inkedibles always makes it a responsibility to stick to the State’s rule of marijuana compliance labels.

Inkedibles always aim on offering the products which are appropriate and safe for all their customers and therefore, they stick to all the rules made by the state. Registrants are licensed medical marijuana dispensary owners. Licensees are OLCC approved recreational marijuana store owners. They submit small container labels and the package together for approval. This contains of products and packaging of how the package will look with the label, and approves two items at once.