Print Edible Images: Ways To Use Last Ounce Of Edible Cartridges?

Edible inks are made with water-based food coloring, they include sugar and color. If you leave the printer idle for too long, the liquid from the cartridges may evaporate slightly, leaving behind deposits which can crystallize and clog up your printer print heads. If the ink still has problems flowing out the nozzle port, you can try using some methods you can find on the internet. You can even try to put a little pressure on the sides and squeeze the cartridge a little bit while making the print edible images.

Find Instructions On How To Get The Last Ounce Of Cartridges:

With the nozzle port facing down towards the paper towel, place your fingers on each side of the cartridge

Be sure to place your fingers on the sponge chamber side and not the ink chamber side

Gently squeeze until a drop or two pushes out the nozzle port

Repeat the last step again

Place the cartridge in your printer, and on a plain sheet of paper, print a test page.

Note: Be careful and always remember to use these methods over a paper towel or several paper towels.

When You Need To Unclog The Printheads:

Run a print head cleaning cycle and print a nozzle test to see if it has cleared or do several deep cleans if necessary

Install Inkedibles cleaning cartridges and print a few pages with these installed, and also run a print head cleaning cycle with these installed (preferred method)

In case of problems, you can simply use our food safe edible print-head “cleaning cartridges”. It can be installed like a regular cartridge and use them to print edible images after the cleaning solution will flow through the printheads and flush out deposits. Finally, run a print-head cleaning cycle with the cartridges installed. It is recommended to leave the cleaning cartridges installed if you intend to leave edible Inks Printer unattended for a prolonged time period.

Finally, know that leaving a printer idle, especially when you have edible cartridges installed. It can cause the water from the ink droplets which accumulate at the heads to evaporate, leaving behind crystalline (sugar) deposits. If you do get a clog in your printer’s printheads, it will show up when you print as colors could come out dull, or you will notice lines on the page or missing colors. Inkedibles cartridges come with auto-resettable chips allowing unlimited edible refills.