Step Up Your Cake Game With InkEdibles!

Guys, the holidays are almost here! What does that mean? It means fun decorations, presents, family, and food! One of my family’s favorite holiday traditions is making fun cakes and sweets for our holiday parties. Now I will admit, I used to take the easy way out by going and buying already made cakes. That was until one day I went to a certain big box store and requested the cake have my daughter’s name put on it. Of course I was running late when I went to pick up the cake, and of course the name was spelled wrong. Not only that but the cake was super dry and I’m going to guess that it had been there for awhile. After that I decided I would start to make my own cakes!
Now I’m a pretty good baker, what I am not is a good cake decorator. I have NO artistic ability whatsoever. So my cakes might taste good, but they will not be winning any awards. But fear not, there is hope for people like me who want to have pretty cakes and other baked goods without paying an arm and a leg to a professional cake decorator! I present to you!

So what is InkEdibles? is an awesome website that offers Edible cake decorating supplies at a price that everyone can afford! Here is what they have to say about themselves: “Professional looking cake printing and cake decoration is now within budget for anyone. Whether you own a cake, donut or bakery shop, or are home based, using our Edible Ink Cartridges and edible ink supplies will get you what you need to start printing incredible looking cakes! Our Edible Ink Cartridges are pre-filled with edible inks from Inkedibles ™ which are FDA compliant and are manufactured under strict food hygiene requirements. Our cartridges come with auto-resettable chips, which means that when the cartridge runs out of ink (aka food coloring), the chips automatically reset and enable you to refill the same cartridge, and be back printing beautiful images for your cakes in no time.”

Yes, you can print edible images for your cakes at home! How cool is that!? If you want to put your face on a cake and eat it, you can with Inkedibles! They offer a special printer to print all your edible images from, as well as the edible ink and paper. They also offer edible decorating pens which would be awesome for kids! You could bake cookies and let the kids go wild with fun designs. Instead of boring old cupcakes at a birthday party, why not let the kids design their own sweet treats right!?

Is chocolate more your thing? InkEdibles has you covered there as well! They offer chocolate transfer sheets to make your chocolates personalized and unique. The amount of projects you can do with InkEdibles is endless! Any holiday, birthday, graduation, new baby, new job, etc, can be personalized quickly and cost effectively! (And you know everyone wants their face on a cake lol!)

Make sure you visit for more information and the InkEdibles Facebook Page for ideas and specials!