Stimulate The Cake With Edible Letters

The visual stimulation always works and it is a great medium to communicate. Visual food is better always to enjoy the view of beauty and then taste it, how amazing that feeling is. Add a personalized message using edible letters to a special dish by spelling it out using a few different colors of homemade edible ink. Serve them as a snack at a party or bring them to a picnic and your partner will not even blink an eye with awe.

Food is just a basic need anymore, it is ofcourse basic but much more than that. It is a medium to communicate to our soul. If you prepare an amazing food for your partner, that already wins over 80% of her heart. Also taking her to great restaurant makes her happy. Food is a thing which attracts your tongue, your ears and your nose so, why not use it to communicate.
You can make edible ink by reducing almost any colorful, edible, water-based liquid. Slow simmering a natural liquid like fruit or vegetable juice lowers the water content and results in a darker and often more viscous fluid. This natural, low-moisture edible ink dries in a few seconds after it has been painted, stenciled or stamped onto food.

Set the glass bowl with a bag of frozen vegetables or an ice pack inside the refrigerator and cool it completely. Remove the cooled edible ink and apply it directly to the surface of a food item in a single thin coat. Now add additional layers of edible ink or serving an inscribed dish. Now, you can make the design you want using edible letters.

Tips For Expertise: Season a natural ink to add another dimension to the experience. A teaspoon of fresh or dried herbs to the saucepan at the beginning of the reduction and strain the ink through cheesecloth before it has cooled. Paint edible menu options on rice or potato starch paper for a creative twist that diners can taste.

Convert an old printer that has been used for regular printing jobs as a printer for edible ink but do not forget to remove the printer head before using it as the edible printer. Or else, you can clean the printer, especially the printer head, thoroughly to remove all traces of the regular ink that was once used with it. It is fun to work with edible ink, not just in baking. It is a tasty way of playing with computers, and it is safe.