Use Frosting Sheets to Design Your Cake and Save Time

Frosting sheets also known as sugar sheets or icing sheets are typically used to print photos or images by using edible inks. These sheets are actually made up of very thin piece of flavorless icing that is white in color and is affixed to a plastic backing sheets so that it can be handled easily and can pass through the printer without any problem. These sheets are the most preferred form of edible paper and are used for decorating cake tops. You can easily print your required images onto frosting sheets with more vivacious color and sharp lines then those that are printed on wafer paper.

Frosting sheets are completely safe for human consumption and are made from ingredients that are edible. You can simply place these sheets in your printer just like you would use papers for normal printing and use edible ink cartridges to get the photo of your choice. After printing the image on the sheet carefully remove the plastic backing and lay the image on top of your cake. Edible frosting sheets are extremely pliable and can be easily managed without cracking or tearing the image.

Frosting sheets are available in a range of shapes and sizes and the most common size is the A4 which can be used with inkjet printer dedicated for this purpose. The sheets do not need to be refrigerated before use and have a shelf life of one year. To avoid them from drying out, you can place them inside a zip-loc but be careful not to drip water onto the frosting sheets before or after placing them on the cake as the sheet will easily melt and ruin the image.