Would People Eat 3D-printed Food?

I think we can all agree that home cooked meals are far better than fast food. But how do we compare both of them to 3D printed food? It is just difficult to imagine a tasty and appealing food prepared by a printer. When we think of 3D printing, we can only say that the outcome will be dry, stale, and gross —- like an edible food stamp. With that in mind, would people eat 3D-printed food?

3D printers today are now capable of printing real food such as pasta, burgers, pizza, and more. It is like printing an edible food stamp that is actually a food. The beauty of 3D food printing is that it cuts down the time in preparing a meal. It can also potentially produce a food with the right nutrients, texture, and size depending on the consumers. It is also a healthy and good for the environment as it can help convert alternative ingredients such as proteins from insects, algae, or leaves into tasty treats.

There are a lot of taste tests conducted that are documented on YouTube showing that participants are amazed upon tasting the 3D printed food products. A YouTube channel called “Tested” has uploaded a video where the host taste tested a 3D printed chocolate. Surprisingly, the texture, consistency, and taste are exactly the same as the chocolates you can buy at a candy store.Edible Food Stamps

Innovators are still working hard on improving the technology of 3D printing. In time, people will have these machines in every household, printing gourmet foods.