Beginners’ Guide to Making Photo Cookies

Photo CookiesCookies made with an added touch of an image are quite special. When it comes to birthday parties or come-together events, nothing brings a smile to the faces of your loved ones than a customized image cookie. Below is a beginners’ guide on how to make photo cookies including putting an edible image or commonly printed sugar sheets on cookies.

Start by creating a word document

Insert a snapshot of the desired image onto a word document (preferably an image size of 2.52.5 dimension). Proceed and copy-paste the image to make 11 more pictures (a word document can fit 12 pictures.)

Print the image on a sugar sheet

Visit your local baker to help you with scanning and printing the picture. You’ll probably be charged around $6 to $8 a sheet. Ensure that the photo you are printing is not a copyrighted photo as a copyrighted one won’t be printed.

Make the sugar cookie dough

Proceed and roll out the dough and place a parchment paper on the dough. Then, layer on a cookie sheet and place it inside a fridge for some few hours.

Cut out the cookies

Do this step with the help of a cookie cutter. Use the cutter to cut off all the edges and then gently flip the paper around so as to cut the sides as perfectly as possible.

Make frosting

Purchase a size three frost pin together with a couplet. Feel free to use a sandwich bag if you prefer it.

Follow this up by making the frosting into a stiff consistency

Gently pipe around all the edges of the cookie.

Fill in the frosting

Fill up the squares with a thinner consistency frosting.

Place the image picture on your cookies

Carefully cut the picture out and then gently set it on the frosting. Do this while the frosting is still wet.

Mix your preferred colors for frosting edges

You can mix two preferred colors of your choice to come up with a unique color. For example, Winston yellow, when mixed with blue color, gives you a green color.